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Dressage Schedule


Need 150% to qualify for the champs.
Any one can enter speciality class. You need to have competed once to qualify for the novice champs.

There will be a prize comes Championship day for the combination with the highest % throughout the season for all classes.


There are loyalty vochures to collect this year please ask about them! Enter 10 classes recieve £5.00 off next entry.

If you have won the walk and trot you will need to move up to Prelim next year. If you have won the Prelim twice you need to move up to novice and if you have won the novice twice you will only be allowed to compete HC. (combination) You can compete at this level but not enter the championships. No whips in Championship and tests can be called.

Good Luck everyone!!

Dressage Show

Start 10.00am prompt weekend show. Evening shows start at 5pm.

All classes £12.50 cash or cheque, PayPal (please email entry form or add to notes) or enter by equo. (late entry's charged an extra £2.00 if entry's permit - sun 5pm) LATE ENTRYS CLOSE THURS 5PM.

PRE-ENTRY'S ONLY = Entry’s close 1 WEEK prior to show date. 
Print off entry form and post to: Diamond Equestrian, New Hall Park Farm, Enderby Rd, Thurlaston, LE9 7TF. 

No tx'es or phone calls must be paid and entered before closing date due to to many people taking advantage of tx'ing then not turning up!! I still have to pay judges ect! 

Cheques made payable to 'Diamond Equestrian' BY POST!

(All walk and trot tests can be obtained through Kim by sending a self addressed envelope with your entry)

Rosettes 1st - 6th.


All times available on this website on Friday before the
competition, between 7pm & 8pm call Kim 07950 213691 or look on the website.

Please come up the FARM DRIVE.

CLICK HERE for your times

Click HERE for entry form


Saturday 2nd January =

Class 1 = Intro A 

Class 2 = Intro C

Class 3 = Prelim 13

Class 4 = Prelim 14

Class 5 = Novice 27


1. A Enter in working trot and proceed down centre line without halting, C Turn right 10

2. M B F Working trot 10

3. F Half 15 metre circle return to track at M 10

4. C Circle left 20metre proceed to H 10

5. H Medium walk E turn Left 10

6. X Halt 6 seconds proceed in medium walk 10

7. B turn right proceed to F 10

8. F A K E H Working trot 10

9. C Circle right 20 metre proceed to M 10

10. M X K change rein in working trot 10

11. K A F B M working trot 10

12. M Half 15 metre circle return to the track at F 10

13. Between A and K medium walk 10

14. K X M change rein free walk 10x2

15. M C H E Medium walk 10

16. E half circle left to X, X down centre line between X and G Halt.

Immobility. Salute 10

Leave the arena on a long rein.

Collective marks:

Paces 10x2

Accuracy 10x2

Attention and obedience (of the horse) 10x2

Riders position and use of aids 10x2

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