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Diamond Equestrian - Meet the Liverys!!

I’m Libby and I’ve owned Salvo for 6 years now, he is a rescue from Portugal.

We have have been at Diamond for nearly a year now and are loving it. We both love the friendly atmosphere at Diamond and the great social events for humans and horses.

Sal is best friends with Dolski and Sam. In the early days Sal and Dolski were great escape artists!

Sal is a cheeky chap, one of his favourite things is pretending he is a bay and not a grey horse.




This is myself and my daughter Caitlin with Olkje, Kim’s one eyed, 21 year old matriarch of the Spencer herd. We are lucky enough to be allowed to ride Olkje as a loan horse and have been doing so since December 2016. Olkje has been there and done it in the past and she has taught us so much since being at Diamond as have all the staff and liveries who are always there for help and guidance when we have needed it. We cannot thank Kim enough for giving us the chance to ride and look after Olkje. We are now competing at dressage, something we had not done before and enjoying hacking out alone or with other liveries on the yard. We still aspire to one day have our own horse and I cannot imagine wanting to keep it anywhere else but Diamond Equestrian.


Hello we are Team Barlow – Rose and Melv would like to introduce you to the new member of the team - Charlie and give him a warm welcome to Diamond Equestrian.

  Charlie is 18 years young and is fitting into his new home and family (horse and human) very well.



Hi my name is Barry and this is Blackberry. I enjoy hacking. We hope to learn this together and maybe do some sponsored/fun rides. She is very cheeky but nice but loves attention and she is soooooooooooo pretty all the boys love her!


Hi my name is Diane and i own Kitty. I am retired now, I was a district nursing sister in the community for 30 years. I met Kitty when she was 3 years old and she is 15 now so 12 years. Kitty has a lovely nature and character, loves fuss and attention. She is very protective of me. We have been best friends for 12 years and we like having fun together. We like to hack but not on main busy roads so its ideal for us to go around all the lovely fields here. We would like to do some dressage so hopefully next year we'll have a go. We have always wanted to do some sponsored rides so looking forward to the fun rides here too. Best friends forever Diane and Kitty. pic to follow

Image: Diane and kitty

My name is Jules and I with my husband Martin owned our beautiful boy Jack for 18 years. He spent 6 happy years at Diamond before he crossed rainbow bridge in April 2018 age 29. Jack was one of the horses that taught me to ride – we had an amazing bond and he one in a million. He will always be in our hearts. 

Please meet Dolski who we share with a lovely family in the village. Cheeky and mischievous he brings love and laughter into our lives.....oh and a lot of stain removal! Where we will go and what we will do is yet to be decided but what is certain is that it will always be done with love and respect and a lot of laughter! 

Image: Julez and Jack



Hi my name is Mandy. I've ridden off ond on since i was 8 and have owned Trojan an ID X gelding for the past 6 years. We moved to Diamond Equestrian in february 2012 and have found it to be a lovely yard with a large arena and an experienced owner who you can turn to for advice. Trojan and i are now enjoying doing a bit of schooling and hacking out around the farm fields and nearby village with his mate Benson. 

Image: Mandy and Trojan

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